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Dare to Compare Checklist

Consider this Dare to Compare Cook Shed Checklist when examining other portable warehouse options!

checklist Lowest Price Guarantee If you find any same size building offering all the features in this brochure at a lower price, now, or even up to 6 months following your purchase, we will be happy to reduce our price by 50%. We guarantee that you are getting the best value.
checklist Written Lifetime Warranty All Cook buildings come with a lifetime warranty against termites and decay on all pressure treated lumber.
checklist Five Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials of any kind during the first 5 years of ownership (normal wear and tear and acts of God excluded).
checklist Vented Ridge Venting the roof at its peak along the ridge provides superior ventilation. This technique helps prevent damage to shingles and your stored property that may be caused by excessive heat and condensation.
checklist Roof Decking 7/16” OSB is used for roof decking because it is manufactured with heat resistant glues that prevent delamination and warping.
checklist Drip Edge Aluminum drip edge prevents water damage to roof decking from siphoning of water along the edge of the shingles.
checklist Gusseted Trusses 2×4 trusses are placed 24” on center and gusseted to add strength to the roof system to prevent sagging from the weight of snow and ice.
checklist Shallow Groove LP Smart Side enhances the aesthetic value of the buildings without sacrificing the strength and integrity of the 19/32” SmartSide siding material. The use of shallow grooves significantly reduces the possibility of delamination, separation, and warping.
checklist Double Studs The 2×4 wall studs are placed 24” on center with double studs where the sheets of siding meet. This technique provides a larger nailing surface, avoiding the lap joints, which prevents gaps and splitting at the joints.
checklist Fasteners Ring shank coated nails are used throughout sidewall construction to provide maximum holding strength against swelling and contracting caused by changes in the weather and humidity.
checklist Adjustable Tension Rods Two adjustable tension rods are installed on every door to prevent the doors from warping as the building ages and is exposed to the elements.
checklist Heavy Duty 6” Door Hinges Every door is installed with 3 heavy duty 6” zinc plated hinges to provide maximum strength and durability.
checklist Pressure Treated Lumber The use of pressure treated lumber for the entire floor system including skids, floor joists, and decking enable Cook to extend a lifetime warranty against decay and termite damage on all pressure treated lumber.
checklist Notched Floor Skids The 4×6” pressure treated floor skids are notched so the floor joists can be recessed into the skid providing strength and durability. This allows for movement of the building without causing damage to the floor system.
checklist Bridge Blocks are installed between the floor joists where the sheets of plywood floor decking meet to provide superior support.
checklist Pulling Blocks are installed and holes are drilled at each end of the centermost skids to help prevent damage if and when the building ever needs to be moved.

Download Your Free Shed Brochure from Cook Portable Warehouses!

Cook offers 8 distinct building styles for your storage needs. From light to moderate to heavy-duty storage, our shed styles can match any specific need. Each and every component of our Cook sheds is made of the highest quality materials and meets the strictest construction standards in the industry. Click below for a PDF of our brochure.

This Brochure Contains

  • Information about our Building features
  • Siding and Shingle color options
  • Descriptions and Sizes/Specifications for each Warehouse Style
  • Explanation of Cook’s Lifetime Warranty, Rent to Own program, Lowest Price Guarantee and more!